Why? – The Mission

I’ll be honest. It started with grief over the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch.

I was feeling like crap a lot more often than not. On top of that, I kept feeling like maybe it was a little strange to hurt so much over the loss of a person I’d never met. I got a lot of  “How can you feel so bad over the passing of someone you didn’t even KNOW?

Folks just didn’t get it. Sometimes I didn’t get it. And I couldn’t explain it in a way where they would ever get it. So rather than wring my hands and stay idle, I wanted to take the restless energy I was feeling and harness it. It was just a question of how.

I attended MCA DAY NYC in Union Square Park and brought my camera. You may have seen my photos of the fans getting together. I was also at the Beastie Bowl at the Brooklyn Bowl, and both events were held in New York City in May of 2012, shortly after MCA’s passing. Those two events helped me with my grief immensely and I met some truly incredible people. But I know that there are so many thousands of others who couldn’t make it to those events. They haven’t had a chance to let it out yet.

This is something we can all do together.

This isn’t going to be a career retrospective. This is going to be a study of the far-reaching effects of the Beastie Boys’ music on the world. This band has touched so many hearts, minds, and lives all over the globe and I can’t wait to see it all come together.

Because it’s about time we got to get together y’all…

Since I originally announced this project I had so many inquiries and excited participants ready to submit, it was pretty amazing to see. However I had to reevaluate my reasons for doing this, and after a bit of research I discovered that the concept of publishing this and offering it for sale were not legally feasible.

However, the opportunity to unite fans still remains. By making this an interactive, free art show, we can still work together to create something truly special. As the artwork comes in, it will be shared online. By sharing our work with one another, we will be connected through our love of this band, their music and the community and way of life that has resulted from it. We can remember the incredible times, marvel at the art, educate the next generation of fans (hence calling this project “keep it on and on…” – this legacy is FAR from over!), and remember all of the good.

The charity component remains because I’m asking all who submit art pledge that they will do something good for the community around them. You don’t have to tell us what that is, you know what your community can use help with. Just get out there and lend a hand somehow.

An Added Bonus For This History Dork

It has been said that the New York City of the formative B-Boy recordings such as Paul’s Boutique is long gone. It’s true. New York changes drastically in short spans of time. Many of the landmarks and people that have woven the tapestry of this band’s story are no longer with us. By preserving the band’s history, we also preserve the New York City in which they existed – a snapshot of history in the city they loved most. And that makes me nerd out. I love history.

Taking A Leap of Faith

After all my years of fandom the one thing I know about the Beastie Boys is that they were never afraid to try anything. So, their pioneering spirit has inspired me to try and make this project happen.

Who knows how it will turn out? Only time will tell. You have the power to make this an amazing experience. Why not try?