What is this?

Dear B-Boys, this is the love letter to you and how you brought us together.

Keep It On and On: The Beastie Fanthology Project seeks to unite Beastie Boys fans around the world with a global collaborative art project. We aspire to document the cultural and artistic effects of their music on the world through a compilation of the art of the fans. The resulting collection of artwork will be shared online via this website and its social media channels.

Here comes the coolest update ever… Ready?

Artists, painters, sketchers, photographers…want to contribute art to be displayed on MCA DAY NYC 2017?

I am proud to announce that we will be hosting ANOTHER art show at the Littlefield Art and Performance Space in Brooklyn, NY during the MCA Day NYC 2017 event on August 5, 2017.  View our submission guidelines to see how your work will be featured in our project and possibly displayed at Littlefield on August 5, 2017!

CRAZY, RIGHT? YEAH! I’m excited too!
I’m part of the MCA Day 2017 planning committee, and I couldn’t think of a greater honor than to be partnered up with this incredible event and have it be the driving force of Keep It On and On.

Project Goals Explained

The project has two fundamental goals:

  • To create an interactive, multimedia art show that will become the most complete Fanthology ever made with the help of fans around the globe; and

  • To encourage fans everywhere to accompany their artwork submission with a pledge to do something good for their community. You don’t have to tell us what that is, just pledge to make a positive difference in your local space and then go out and do it.

Goal 1 – The Art
The first goal is to assemble a collection of fan art. How have the boys inspired YOU? Show us visually. This is wide open, folks. Need ideas? Consider making something that follows the theme of Beastie Boys, Hip-Hop, NYC, Yauch’s life or something you learned from his work. Make something new or dust off that sick piece you painted years ago and consider submitting it!

Two important things:

  • If you can be in Brooklyn on August 5th and can bring your art with you, submit your entry to have the chance to have your artwork shown in person at the MCA Day event! Read the submission guidelines, take a photo or send us a digital image (JPG/PDF) and submit your entry here.

  • If you’re too far away to make it, we totally understand. You can still participate! Submit your entry digitally online by taking a good photo of your artwork and sending it to us. We’ll be sharing the digital entries both online via this website and our social media channels and via the MCA Day social media pages. Lastly, your art will be shown in a digital slideshow that will be running throughout the event at Littlefield. So, if you’re thousands of miles away, you can still take part in this awesome event!

Visit the submission guidelines page and submit your artwork today!

Goal 2 – Making Good Things Happen
The Fanthology project is about taking this loss that we feel and re-shaping it into smiles as we revisit happy memories of unforgettable experiences. It’s about seeing some incredible creativity and completing a worldwide art project on the coolest topic ever. And on top of it all we are going to help our communities by pledging to do some good  – all as our way of giving thanks and remembering our friend Adam.

Make some noise if you’re with me!