MCA DAY 2017 Artist Simon Lam

Up next we have Simon Lam, from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In his own words: 

Simon makes art. He resides in Vancouver, BC. As a mostly self-taught painter, his goal is to make fun, accessible art with themes ranging from sports, entertainment and other popular culture. In his character portraits he tries to bring out the personality/emotions from the subject.

The Beastie Boys are like no other music group/band. I appreciate their distinct sound.

Learn more about Simon at: 


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Rene Kreutzer

Next up we have the art of Rene Kreutzer, our dear friend from Germany! We miss you, friend! Sending hugs across the ocean. 

In his own words:

Rene from Germany. 37. From Brandenburg/ Berlin, today living in Dresden. Wife and two kids Saw the Beasties live 1999 Berlin.

What the Beasties mean to him:

No Beasties in my childhood in East Germany. In the early 90ies a lot of basketball, hip hop and hardrock/alternative music in my life. 1994 SABOTAGE hit me extremely. Quickly bought all of their music which was like – that’s it. For me this became the music of all music.

With the lyrics you get involved in their world – deeper and deeper. So much interesting stuff – not to describe. An own universe. Hard to explain in 100 words. Only other beastie crazy people can understand that. Also I was always proud of my favourite band, because of the Free Tibet movement, women rights… They have always inspired me and they still do. Adam’s death hit me almost the same like my father’s death in 2002. That’s crazy. I didn’t know Adam in person. Adam Yauch Park and MCA DAY 2013 was bittersweet but also great. To meet all of you, to get friends with you, to celebrate Adam and our Beastie Boys! That was dope!


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Alannah Kearney


Next up we have the work of Alannah Kearney, little sister of MCA Day founder Mike Kearney.

Being the little sis of a big fan like Mike, it seems only natural that Alannah loves the Beastie Boys as much as her big brother does. Intergalactic is absolutely her favorite song and that was the motivation behind her creating this piece. She showed this piece in a previous show and it has inspired many more works by kiddos. We love that. Great work Allanah!


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Andy Katz


This next artist is also very near and dear to the hearts of all of us working to plan MCA Day. We couldn’t be more indebted to him for all the wonderful art he’s created and all the help he has provided for the event. His portraits are off the chain!

In his own words: 

I’m Andy Katz.  I’ve been a Beasite Boys fan since 1987, and I continue to support their music, and the hip-hop genre.  As the Boys grew, and were more thoughtful about their place in the circle, their appeal and my connection to them, strengthened. I needed to share the feelings,the music, and the art with everyone.  That’s why I’m here.

The Beastie Boys are my alter ego. I’m a pretty reserved person.  I’m responsible, serious, and I let others move to the front. It was always amazing to live vicariously through the Boys. It was like they were giving us all permission to live silly, have fun, and express our most unique ideas. Watching them and listening to them has always been very empowering and liberating. They make me feel.

Check out more of Andy’s work at


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Victoria Jones


Up next we have Victoria Jones from Cedar Lake, IN.

In her own words:

Lifelong Beastie Boys fan, Tibetan Freedom Fighter, Lover of all things good. 

License to Ill came out when I was 14. I grew up with this band as a crazy, rebellious punk rocker, to still crazy and rebellious but more conscious about our decisions to seeking inner peace and love, they have been there as the theme song all along and will continue to be there for me and my future generations for as long as I roam this earth.


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Thomas Jacobs

Thomas Jacobs’ submission is a really creative, unique piece. He created sports cards for athletes mentioned in Beastie songs… pretty cool!

In his own words:

I’m a proud father of 2.  A huge Beastie Boys and sports fan.  Amateur graphic designer. I refuse to grow up.

What the Beasties Mean to Him:

I’ve seen them 6 times.  I met Mike D on one of the toughest days of my life.  I snuck into my high school yearbook under the name Adam Yauch.  Basically the Beastie Boys have been with me for more than I can remember…


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Jesse and Declan Haley

Up next we have Jesse and Declan Haley, from Watertown, MA.

In their own words: 

Nephew and uncle collabo, Beastie Boys fans from Boston. Creativity, fun, positivity.

Learn more about them at:



MCA DAY 2017 Artist Glen E. Friedman

This next artist’s work is very near and dear to my heart and was a source of inspiration for my early interest in photography. The incredible Glen E. Friedman has taken so many iconic photos of the BBoys and other artists and we are beyond honored to have him as part of the exhibit.

You might remember this portrait of Adam which graced the cover of the New York Times magazine.  The issue turned out to be a really powerful tribute.

About Glen:

Glen E. Friedman has long been considered a vital part of the modern cutting-edge subcultures. His photography goes far beyond simply documenting the scenes and key players of the skate, punk and early hip-hop cultures; he provides firsthand insight into the science of defiance that drove the progression and art of the participants.

Working with such rebellious artists as Fugazi, Black Flag, Ice-T, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Misfits, Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Run-DMC and Public Enemy as well as classic skateboarding originators such as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Alan Gelfand, Duane Peters and Stacy Peralta. among others, Friedman has been in the right place at an extraordinary number of appropriate times. He’s not only provided the definitive portraits of many of these people, but also has helped define the moment and movements he was caught up in. His process was much more incendiary than it was documentary. According to Henry Rollins, “The bottom line is that he was there at the beginning of so much cool stuff in so many different areas it’s not funny.”

Glen E. Friedman’s captivating images demonstrate his remarkable eye for raw reality, talent and aesthetic beauty. Considered legendary by many, he is, without doubt, one of this generation’s most discerning and important photographers. Friedman has documented like no one else.

See more of Glen’s awesome work at


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Josh Frankenfield


Next we have another veteran MCA DAY contributor, Josh Frankenfield, from Bethlehem PA.

In his own words:

I am a painter, currently living in my hometown. I’ve lived abroad for many years, where I continued to paint and show my artwork. This is my third year being involved with the MCA Day Art show, since moving back to the States.

MCA and the Beastie Boys mean many things to me…. Creativity and fun…. Rocking beats…. but also giving back. There’s gratitude in their music and in their actions. The always seem to see the bigger picture and what they can do to help better things for everyone.


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Shepard Fairey

Up next we have the one, the only, Shepard Fairey, and his collaboration with photographer Glen E. Friedman. I can’t even believe I’m writing those names as a part of the gallery. Holy mackerel.

Bushels of gratitude to awe-inspiring artist/activist Shepard Fairey from Obey Giant for breathing new life into this year’s event poster. This piece frames the all-time snap by iconic lens rebel Glen Friedman

Learn more about Shepard at: