MCA DAY 2016 Artist Courtney Southern

Up next we have Courtney Southern, who sends her art in from Walkerstown, NC.

In her own words:

I’m a 43 year old punk rock Bgirl trying to find some peace and calm in this crazy world.

The Beastie Boys have been my favorite group of guys since I was in middle school. They have been a constant source of inspiration, peace and reminder to be the best you can be! The soundtrack to my life in good times and bad! MCA’s lyrics help to remind me to stay in my groove when life is getting hectic.

Check out her rad handmade art below! Thanks Courtney!


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Lee Davies

Lee Davies sends his awesome art from Hamburg, Germany. This piece is one of our favorites because the level of detail is just incredible.

In his own words:

I’m a digital artist who has been working in the video games industry for over fifteen years in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

When I’m not making games, I create caricatures inspired by people that I admire, to try and put a few smiles on faces.

I currently live in Hamburg, Germany.

I bought Licensed to Ill on cassette when it came out and I was just 14. Years later they’re still hands down my favourite group.


Check out his amazing digital artwork below. Thanks Lee!!


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Kevin Carmody

Up next yet another veteran MCA DAY artist, Kevin Carmody from Court Damascus, MD.

In his own words:

I am an artist from the Washington Metropolitan area who has been involved with fine art since the age of seven (i.e. I reference this age because this is as far back as I can remember drawing a pic of Roger Rabbit). Other than that I mostly do mixed medium work and design skateboards too.

MCA and the Beastie Boys mean thorough NYC hip hop to the core.  From their boom bap beats to their musical instrumentals, they always just seemed to fit for me.  However, it was not just their sound.  That was only a portion of the influence they had.  It was attitude, style, and staying true to yourself.  Hence, I have never tried to be anything else other than Kevin Carmody.  Similarly, I don’t believe they ever tried to be anything else other than the Beasties and it worked.

You can learn more about Kevin and his work at


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Steve Blum

Up next we have Steve Blum from Forest Hills, NY.

In his own words:

I’ve been a Beastie Boys fan since 1987.

The Beastie Boys impact on me is too huge to put into words.

Check out his digital art below!



MCA DAY 2016 Artist Tomasz Zamojski

Next we have another veteran artist Tomasz Zamojski, from Warsaw, Poland.

In his own words:

My name is Tomek Zamojski. I am an architect and CG artist from Wrocław, Poland.

Age: 37

Zodiac sign: Leo

I am Beastie Boys fan since age 16.

I’ve got my first Beastie Boys audio cassette for birthday present from my high school friend – “Licensed to Ill” – in 1995, and the adventure began.

I love basketball and roller skating.

I love Beastie Boys music and their activity into social life and attitude/gratitude to life. The Beastie Boys and their music and art were my mentors thru good and bad times in my life time.

I have seen them on stage performing two times in Opener Gdynia Festival in Poland and admired them for vital energy and positive attitude.

My CG art is a form of being grateful for their music and art style and keeping that feeling on and on sharing with you people.


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Thad McCauley

Next we have another veteran MCA DAY NYC artist, Thad McCauley.

In his own words:

I have taught public school visual arts to elementary and Middle School artists in Colorado for the last 16 years.  I ask my student daily “How have you used your imagination today?” and want everyone to remember, “Art won’t hurt you!”

The Beastie Boys are the keepers of the culture coolness, DIY entrepreneurship and impeccable sonic taste-makers of my generation!

Check out Thad’s ceramics glaze on dinnerware piece as well as the clay and found object sculpture below.




MCA DAY 2016 Artist Corey Sweeter

Up next we have a veteran MCA DAY NYC artist, Corey Sweeter. All the way from Minnesota, Corey has exhibited work with us for several years now, and we always look forward to new pieces.

In his own words:

Avid Beastie Boys fan since buying the Licensed to Ill cassette tape from a Holiday Superstore as a pre-teen suburbanite during the summer of 1987. Twin Citian, freelance illustrator/designer, husband and father of two burgeoning little Beasties.

Early on, I just loved the music. What pre-teen in late 80’s suburbia didn’t? As I grew older and avidly followed their career, I never stopped loving the music. But, I also started appreciating the arc of growth, maturity and social consciousness that became infused in their public personas and albums. MCA seemed to embody that. Always a little older, grayer and wiser than us all, he seemed like the cool older cousin that we all wanted to hang with and emulate. He’s missed, but his message and music still stand tall as a monument to the man.

Check out Corey’s digital artwork below.


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Martin Orton

Next up we have Martin Orton’s digital creation, “Finger Lickin’ Good!”

In his own words, Martin, from South Yorkshire, England, keeps it simple.

Musician, Skateboarder, Digital Artist, collector of comics and vinyl toys. Beastie Boys are the sountrack of my life.

I think preeeeety much all of us can agree with you, Martin!


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Amy Himes

Up next we have the artwork of Amy Himes, of Reading, PA.

In her own words:

I’m a free thinking, love spreading business hippie Mom who LOVES the Beastie Boys.  I have a small business called Kind Massage where I practice massage therapy, Reiki and acupressure.  I’m a big believer in the power of positive thoughts/energy and how our actions can affect others.  I love taking my business on the road to music fests.  I vend doing chair massage at backstage and for the patrons.

I remember when & where I was the first time I heard Paul Revere.  I was 9 playing ball in the after school program with the Nuns.  I stopped dead and my tracks and was like Who is This?!!  I was raised to like the awesome music my parents listened to, but I distinctly remember this moment as when I met the Beastie Boys & discovered my own music.  In 2007 I was able to take my kids to a Beastie Boys show at Penns Landing in Philly, that meant a lot to us. I have MCA tattooed on my side to honor his memory.  The music, wow.  You know it’s good when you can crack up & dance at the same time!  Your music has been with me through lots of ups and downs, workouts and parties.  I am forever grateful Ad-Rock, MCA & Mike D!

Check out her piece made with paint on wood.


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Walking and Typing

Up next we have photography by Walking and Typing.

In her own words:

“Walking and Typing around the 5 borough since 2007. Photos everyday.

MCA and Beastie Boys mean an entire lifetime of memories to me. They have been the soundtrack to so much of the life I have lived so far. From when they first came on the scene till their last days. We grew up together. We became enlightened together. We had adventures together. We loved and lost together. We lived in BROOKLYN together. You can’t get much better friends than these boys that live around the way.”

We know that’s right! Check out her photos below: