MCA DAY NYC 2016 Artist Michelle Lawlor

Up next we have another veteran artist, Michelle Lawlor. Michelle is a photographer from Trenton, NJ.

In her own words:

The Beastie Boys built the soundtrack to my youth. I always had it in for MCA. He was my guy. The cool demeanor, the raspy voice, the insane bass playing skills… and when he’d play an upright… forget it. Swoonsville.

Regrettably, I never met Adam Yauch in person, but through their music, I considered MCA and all of the Beasties my friends. In reality, they were just voices coming through speakers, but they told me the truth. They were mesmerizing, tantalizing, captivating, devastating… and even when they had a pretty serious message to convey, they did it with humor. Through the Beasties’ music, I learned about art, music, current events, and how noooooooo-body can do it like Mix Master can. I often wondered about what they were actually up to when they’d disappear for long periods and then would just show up and drop this amazing new stuff in our lap and remind us all over again of how amazing they are. Just in case we forgot.

They always came with a positive message and through their lyrics, were clearly encouraging their listeners to pay attention to what was going on in the world around them.

Together we grew up and learned from the mistakes we made or tried to see more of the big picture of life. I don’t have any siblings and was kind of a buck-toothed introverted kid, so I spent a lot of time in headphones. Ad-Rock, Mike D. and MCA were kind of like my cooler, streetwise older brothers. Strapping on my ear goggles and hearing their incredible blend of punk and funk and hip hop and jazz and everything else taught me lessons I’d never have learned without these boys.

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