MCA DAY 2017 Artist Erica Villarreal

Up next we have BGirl Erica Villarreal, from Tracy CA. This lady is a huge part of the Beastie family for sure. Thanks for sharing your artwork, lady!

In her own words: 

100% original. 90’s enthusiast with an old soul way of life. I LOVE with all my heart and live life at its maximum capacity. Mexican american artist in every aspect the word holds. My passion is my life.  Paint, Records, glitter, tequila, cult classics and BEASTIE BOYS run through my veins. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Non stop disco power pack. FOR LIFE.  

They are a way of life. Style, profile, and movements. Everyday, I listen, and when I do,  they pump my heart. License to Ill was the first tape I’ve ever owned and instantaneously fell in hard core love. MCA is who every person in this world should take a note from.  A piece of our light dimmed when he joined the heavens,  but we will be stronger and live with heart more because of him.