MCA DAY 2017 Artist Chris Whitaker

Up next we have Chris Whitaker, from Dearborn MI. Chris showed his large Paul’s Boutique tribute in 2014, and it was a HUGE hit. So excited to see this piece return at the show this year!

In his own words: 

I work in a steel mill in Dearborn Michigan. I’m married with two kids that have turned me into a kid again. After I had them I started getting back into my passion of art again after years of ignoring it. I love painting to music every chance I get. A good concert is my idea of a great time and Beastie Boys were one of the concerts that I would never miss when they rolled into Detroit.

The Beastie Boys music is part of my life. The memories of driving around with friends with brain rattling car systems, great times at concerts, great party’s, great friends all bring a bring a big smile on my face thinking about them. MCA was the man!