MCA DAY 2017 Artist Andrew Spear

Up next we have Andrew Spear, who’s exhibited previously in our show. We LOVE this piece and are glad to share it with all of you!

In his own words:

Born on the South Shore of Boston in 1973, Andrew James Spear’s career started at age 5. He would lie on his living room floor and draw on the back of the any given Beatles album while listening and being inspired by their music. Influenced by his family, supported by his friends and encouraged by his high school art teacher, Andrew had a strong and positive support group from the beginning.

After attending the Art Institute of Boston, Andrew then continued on to the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. He traveled the country then eventually landing in NYC where his professional artistic career began. Encompassing in multi media platforms such as illustration, fine art and set design, Andrew’s tenacity was the force behind him to discover and develop his techniques. Andrew was then recruited for scenic work in Orlando, Florida where shortly there after he started his own scenic and design company with a collage comrade, Metro Finishes ( While co-owner of this venture, he continued to expand on his creativity and his personal work. Consistently testing the boundaries of his artistic expertise, this transition took Andrew’s work from small format to large-scale murals. His art is a visual representation of his intense personality. He is motivated by music, movies and pop culture—and so are his paintings, drawings and murals. Many of his works are bold and animated, but Spear can also turn meditative, creating expressive compositions through shifting planes of color and sinuous perspectives. His linear forms (often faces) are meticulously drawn, but the result is not that of a mechanical projectionist (his temperament won’t allow that).

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