MCA DAY 2016 Artist Tomasz Zamojski

Next we have another veteran artist Tomasz Zamojski, from Warsaw, Poland.

In his own words:

My name is Tomek Zamojski. I am an architect and CG artist from Wrocław, Poland.

Age: 37

Zodiac sign: Leo

I am Beastie Boys fan since age 16.

I’ve got my first Beastie Boys audio cassette for birthday present from my high school friend – “Licensed to Ill” – in 1995, and the adventure began.

I love basketball and roller skating.

I love Beastie Boys music and their activity into social life and attitude/gratitude to life. The Beastie Boys and their music and art were my mentors thru good and bad times in my life time.

I have seen them on stage performing two times in Opener Gdynia Festival in Poland and admired them for vital energy and positive attitude.

My CG art is a form of being grateful for their music and art style and keeping that feeling on and on sharing with you people.