MCA DAY 2016 Artist Corey Sweeter

Up next we have a veteran MCA DAY NYC artist, Corey Sweeter. All the way from Minnesota, Corey has exhibited work with us for several years now, and we always look forward to new pieces.

In his own words:

Avid Beastie Boys fan since buying the Licensed to Ill cassette tape from a Holiday Superstore as a pre-teen suburbanite during the summer of 1987. Twin Citian, freelance illustrator/designer, husband and father of two burgeoning little Beasties.

Early on, I just loved the music. What pre-teen in late 80’s suburbia didn’t? As I grew older and avidly followed their career, I never stopped loving the music. But, I also started appreciating the arc of growth, maturity and social consciousness that became infused in their public personas and albums. MCA seemed to embody that. Always a little older, grayer and wiser than us all, he seemed like the cool older cousin that we all wanted to hang with and emulate. He’s missed, but his message and music still stand tall as a monument to the man.

Check out Corey’s digital artwork below.