MCA DAY 2016 Artist Argo

Up next we have the artist Argo from Philadelphia, PA, who has been throwing Beastie-related parties for 20+ years. His artwork is a sampling of some of the amazing posters they’ve had over the years.

In his own words:

South Philly based graphic designer, dj, vinyl collector, Beastie fan. I’ve been throwing parties here in Philly for 20+ years. Back in 2011 we started a Beastie party based around music they sampled… that’s what these posters are about.

The Beasties pretty much set the standard of what is “cool” for my generation. They had an ability to reinvent themselves, always doing something fresh, and creating their own unique lane that no one could step foot in. Growing up near NYC, my story runs parallel to theirs… skateboarding, going to hardcore shows at CB’s and listening to hiphop. Never had any personal connection with Mr. Yauch, but like a lot of people, was deeply saddened by his passing since his voice was a constant soundtrack during my formative years…

Check out the posters below! Thanks Argo! You can keep up with him at