MCA DAY 2016 Artist Amy Himes

Up next we have the artwork of Amy Himes, of Reading, PA.

In her own words:

I’m a free thinking, love spreading business hippie Mom who LOVES the Beastie Boys.  I have a small business called Kind Massage where I practice massage therapy, Reiki and acupressure.  I’m a big believer in the power of positive thoughts/energy and how our actions can affect others.  I love taking my business on the road to music fests.  I vend doing chair massage at backstage and for the patrons.

I remember when & where I was the first time I heard Paul Revere.  I was 9 playing ball in the after school program with the Nuns.  I stopped dead and my tracks and was like Who is This?!!  I was raised to like the awesome music my parents listened to, but I distinctly remember this moment as when I met the Beastie Boys & discovered my own music.  In 2007 I was able to take my kids to a Beastie Boys show at Penns Landing in Philly, that meant a lot to us. I have MCA tattooed on my side to honor his memory.  The music, wow.  You know it’s good when you can crack up & dance at the same time!  Your music has been with me through lots of ups and downs, workouts and parties.  I am forever grateful Ad-Rock, MCA & Mike D!

Check out her piece made with paint on wood.