MCA DAY 2014 Artist Suzi Boneshaker


Next up we have artist Suzi Boneshaker and her son Max. They submitted work together, which we really love! 🙂

Suzi’s Bio:

suzi boneshaker was born and bred in brooklyn new york.

in 1991 she decided to go west with her main squeeze brooks manbeck.

the holiday season of 2004 took suzi by surprise and funds were tight, so she decided to make gifts made of felt for her friends instead of diving into the world of mass consumed gifties.

the time then arrived for suzi to get down to business and she decided that her creepy and cute artistic creations needs to be shared not only with her friends but by the rest of the world as well.

suzi’s inspiration come from all times and places, halloween, childhood, religious icons, kitsch culture, dia de los muertos, cute animals and so on.

you can find suzi’s creations in the forms of barrettes, gloves, mini tote bags, ornaments, patches adorning clothing, screened T-shirt designs and framed wall art, telling her lovely stories crafted with felt.

What the Beastie Boys mean to Suzi:

a girl named sue: i purchased my first vinyl album in 1980 (blondie’s autoamerican). then it began, i have been obsessed with music of all types.

in the mid to late eighties, i wasn’t your typical brooklyn girl. i loved manic panic, punk rock, skateboarding, keith haring,  my list goes on and on with what moved me.

in 1986 my then boyfriend introduced me the beastie boys. we would watch the “girls” video over and over again.

I have been hooked ever since.

there is no doubt that the b-boys are at the top of my mixed tape soundtrack of my life.

You can see more of Suzi’s work at her website: