2017 CALL FOR ART! Submit Now!

2017 Call For Art!

What’s up my people? It’s that time of year again – time to GET CRAFTY!

The 2017 Call for Art is now LIVE. Submit your finest Beastie-inspired art to be featured on the gallery walls at MCA DAY NYC on August 5, 2017

All artwork should be registered online BY JULY 28, 2017, so you better hop to it!


and then…



MCA DAY 2016 Artist Martin Orton

Next up we have Martin Orton’s digital creation, “Finger Lickin’ Good!”

In his own words, Martin, from South Yorkshire, England, keeps it simple.

Musician, Skateboarder, Digital Artist, collector of comics and vinyl toys. Beastie Boys are the sountrack of my life.

I think preeeeety much all of us can agree with you, Martin!


One more day till MCA DAY NYC!

The art is in, we’re packed and ready… and it’s almost time for another beautiful day in Brooklyn!

Will you be joining us for MCA DAY NYC 2016? We hope to see you there!



2016 Call for Art!

What’s up my people? It’s that time of year again – time to roll up yer sleeves and GET CRAFTY!

The 2016 Call for Art is now LIVE. Submit your finest Beastie-inspired art to be featured on the gallery walls at MCA DAY NYC on August 20, 2016.

All artwork should be registered online BY AUGUST 12, 2016, so you better hop to it!


and then…



MCA Day 2015 Artist Rene Kreutzer

kreutzer_rene_mcadayNext up we have the art of Rene Kreutzer.

About Rene:

René from Germany. 37. From Brandenburg/ Berlin, today living in Dresden. Wife and two kids aged 6 and 3.

Saw the Beasties live 1999 Berlin.

What the Beasties mean to him:

No Beasties in my childhood in East Germany. In the early 90ies a lot of basketball, hip hop and hardrock/ alternative music in my life. 1994 SABOTAGE hit me extremely. Quickly bought all of their music which was like – that´s it. For me this became the music of all music. With the lyrics you get involved in their world – deeper and deeper. So much interesting stuff – not to describe. An own universe. Hard to explain in 100 words. Only other beastie crazy people can understand that. Also I was always proud of my favourite band, because of the Free Tibet movement, women rights… They have always inspired me and they still do. Adam´s death hit me almost the same like my father´s death in 2002. That´s crazy. I didn´t know Adam in person. Adam Yauch Park and MCA DAY 2013 was bittersweet but also great. To meet all of you, to get friends with you, to celebrate Adam and our Beastie Boys! That was dope!


MCA Day 2015 Artist Matt Albanese

albanese_matthew_beastie_apesUp next we have the art of Matthew Albanese.

About Matthew:

I am an illustrator, toy designer & founder of Evil Design.

What the Beastie Boys and Adam Yauch mean to him:

One of the greatest…

Find out more about Matthew at: evildesign.com



2015 Call For Art!

We’re at it again! Calling all artists, painters, sketchers, photographers… seeking art contributions to be displayed at MCA DAY 2015 – AUGUST 8, 2015!

We will be hosting a new art show at the Littlefield Art and Performance Space in Brooklyn, NY during the MCA Day 2015 event on Saturday, August 8th, 2015.

View our submission guidelines to see how your work will be featured in our project and possibly displayed at Littlefield on August 8th and SUBMIT YOUR WORK!


 (Michelle Lawlor/Lucky 17 Photography)

A Sample of 2013’s Gallery – Imagine seeing YOUR work up there THIS year!


MCA DAY 2014 Comes to a Close

Friends… what an incredible, unforgettable, crazy, fun, moving and epic day today has been. We are still taking in and trying to process all of the raw emotion and beauty that we witnessed here today in Brooklyn.

At this time the art show and MCA Day NYC has come to a close, but this legacy is far from over. Many other MCA-related events across the US and GLOBE have yet to begin today and this weekend, so please keep on shining that light for Adam today and every day. Honor his memory by being a leader, a friend, or an inspiration. There are so many ways to make the world around us better, just pick one and get to task with that trademark Yauch ferocity.

Let me close by saying it’s been a true honor to get to work alongside so many incredibly fun and creative people, and a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Mike Kearney and the entire MCA Day 2014 planning crew. I love all of you so much and my heart is so full with gratitude and pride in the work we’ve been able to accomplish.

Adam’s work here is not yet complete, because his music and message continues to inspire and bring people together, and quite frankly, that’s an incredibly admirable legacy that will stand for generations. I hope that he can feel all the love being sent his way today.

Yours in Gratitude,

Michelle “Shutterbugs” Lawlor
Curator/Organizer/MCA Day Co-conspirator and Bass Lovin’ B Girl


MCA Day 2014 Artist Marc Verri


Up next we have work from artist Marc Verri.

About Marc:

I am an art teacher, headstone etcher, wrestling coach, husband and dad.

What the Beasties Mean to Him:

I can apply the Beastie boys to any hat i wear in life. I can also apply them to any time in my life since i was 13.

The thing that has kept them current for my life is the ability to change as you age and mature but to keep true to being yourself. Change with the times, change with time, but keep your essence. MCA investigated his soul and his place in the world through all  levels of change. That’s what cool is.

Check out Marc’s work at: www.verrioriginal.com



MCA Day 2014 Artist Jessica Valentin


Next up we have art from Jessica Valentin.

About Jessica Valentin:

Jessica Valentin, ratgrrl is a dynamic, self-taught artist. She weaves together familial influences: listening to old schol hip-hop with her brothers and sister; sharing her mother’s love of french provincial furniture; her father’s humor;  dealing with love, loss and grief; and superheroes in her family. She creates mournful celebrations in her work. Comfortable with using graffiti and comic book style techniques in her work, she dips into serious and dark subject matter in a colorful, playful way. Influenced by loved ones here and gone, she honors them with color and sadness; putting torn pieces together creating something whole and new.

What the Beasties Mean to Her:

The Beastie Boys were the soundtrack for my youth and beyond. The music is dope, and the 3 beasties are just as dope. MCA was a symbol for growing as a person and doing the right, just thing. I respect that he lived a good life, and feel that the world would be better with more human beings like him in it. It would be my honor to show my work on MCA day! xoxo

Check out her work at: www.ratgrrl.com