MCA DAY 2017 Artist She’s Crafty

Up next we have a poster created by She’s Crafty – a Chicago-based all-female Beastie tribute, who performed last year at our event, and are also hosting their own MCA DAY Chicago event. If you’re local you should go out and support!

Check out the event on Facebook here: and GO!!!

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MCA DAY 2017 Artist Ratgrrl

Up next we have Ratgrrl from Oakdale, NY. 

In her own words: 

Known for her heartbreakingly POP art style, Ratgrrl mixes digital elements, graffiti and comic book style techniques in her work. She dips into serious and  dark subject matter in a colorful, playful way.  Influenced by  loved ones here  and gone, she honors them with color and sadness;  putting  torn pieces together creating something whole and new again.

MCA was a beautiful example of evolution, musically with the Beasties, spiritually, and a a member of the human race. what the Beastie Boys created for us fans was the blueprint of life, use all your talents and stay true to yourself. Hip Hop is for all of us. 

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MCA DAY 2017 Artist Alyssa Miculka

Up next we have Alyssa Miculka, from Abilene, TX. 

In her own words: 

I’m a 25 year-old artist who LOVES music.

I discovered the BBoys when I was in college, right before I was diagnosed with two mental illnesses. They really helped me be strong during this time and gave me the courage to keep movin’ on, even on my worst days. Yauch is personally a huge inspiration in my life.


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Eoin McLernon

Up next we have Eoin McLernon, all the way from Ireland.

In his own words: 

I was born in the year Check Your Head was released, so I’m a latecomer as a fan, but I like to think that I’m one of the biggest fans of the Beastie Boys in Ireland, if not the most active! I visited Brooklyn for MCA DAY 2015 after somehow discovering the long, lost ‘Too Many Rappers’ music video featuring Nas. That’s my Beastie claim to fame!

These guys kept me sane through many times in my life when I was feeling down. Like many of you, obscure lyrics pop into my head every day!


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Thad “McScoobyT” McCauley

Up next we have yet another veteran artist, Thad “McScoobyT” McCauley, from Denver, CO. 

In his own words: 

I am an artist and art educator living in Denver, CO. I am honored to have shown my Beastie inspired art at every MCA DAY NYC for the past 5 years! 

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MCA DAY 2017 Artist Desmond McCauley

Up next we have Desmond McCauley, 4 years old, from Denver, CO. 

In his own words (and they are ADORABLE, btw): 

I am a 4 year old artist from Denver, Colorado.

Beastie Boys are my favorite band because they are Hip-Hop and you are allowed to say bad words in Hip-Hop.


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Josie and Dylan McCarthy

Organizer Mike Kearney and his sister Caitlin are big influences on these pint-sized Beastie fans, sisters Josie Mae and Dylan Joan McCarthy. These charismatic little ladies are the stars of our big wheelin’ MCA DAY promo video. Check it out if you haven’t already!

See the promo video on YouTube:

They also took starred alongside cousin Alannah Kearney in this promo video as well:

These little BGrrrrls are awesome!


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Jass Martek

Up next we have Jass Martek, all the way from Mexico! Hola mi amigo! 

In his own words:

Graphic designer, based in México city. Guitar enthusiast and cat lover. 

I did never think of how painful an idol’s death could hurt until MCA passed away. My life changed completely the day I heard for the very first time the Beastie Boys and I will always be grateful for that. 


MCA DAY 2017 Artist Shane Lindemyer

Up next we have Shane Lindemyer from Lawrence, KS. 

In his own words: 

I live in Lawrence , Kansas. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m a small business owner and happily married with three children. A Lifelong hip-hop fan, also a hip-hop artist  inspired by the beastie boys as my main influence. I’m an artist and activist in my community and I’m preparing to drop my first full length hip-hop album. (  dedicated to my mother and MCA rest in peace )  I love animals, the earth and seeing people treated decently.  I love everybody. Thank you

They were like brothers and cousins  to me but most importantly MCA was like a father to me. I never knew my real dad so MCA’s growth in music was the perfect role model for me.  I’m having a difficult time with this as I’m still very heartbroken.  I’ve decided to rise with him in my spirit, in my music he lives on. I love him so much, he did and will always mean the world to me.  In a letter that he wrote back to me once he told me he was glad to hear I make music it’s a ‘ ‘soulful endeavor’, he said.  Soulful endeavor is now the title of my forthcoming album.   Much love to everybody involved in this project. Thank you, Shane Lindemyer a.k.a. the American.  

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MCA DAY 2017 Artist Michelle Lawlor

About Michelle:

I’m part of the MCA Day planning committee and the organizer/curator of the Keep It On and On project and just had to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all of the incredible artists and volunteers who have helped this show into another wonderfully successful year – I am truly moved. This network of people is truly one-of-a-kind and I feel so honored to be a part of this crew.

My work will be exhibited at Littlefield and I’ll also be here shooting photos. If you’re not here today, you’re going to miss out on some real, live, bonafide goodness. I suggest you get down here ASAPPY!

Now get OFF the internet and get HERE to NYC! pastedGraphic.png

In her own words:

The Beastie Boys built the soundtrack to my youth. I always had it in for MCA. He was my guy. The cool demeanor, the raspy voice, the insane bass playing skills… and when he’d play an upright… forget it. Swoonsville.

Regrettably, I never met Adam Yauch in person, but through their music, I considered MCA and all of the Beasties my friends. In reality, they were just voices coming through speakers, but they told me the truth. They were mesmerizing, tantalizing, captivating, devastating… and even when they had a pretty serious message to convey, they did it with humor. Through the Beasties’ music, I learned about art, music, current events, and how noooooooo-body can do it like Mix Master can. I often wondered about what they were actually up to when they’d disappear for long periods and then would just show up and drop this amazing new stuff in our lap and remind us all over again of how amazing they are. Just in case we forgot.

They always came with a positive message and through their lyrics, were clearly encouraging their listeners to pay attention to what was going on in the world around them.

Together we grew up and learned from the mistakes we made or tried to see more of the big picture of life. I don’t have any siblings and was kind of a buck-toothed introverted kid, so I spent a lot of time in headphones. Ad-Rock, Mike D. and MCA were kind of like my cooler, streetwise older brothers. Strapping on my ear goggles and hearing their incredible blend of punk and funk and hip hop and jazz and everything else taught me lessons I’d never have learned without these boys.

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