MCA DAY NYC 2016 Artist Emily Carpenter

Up next we have Emily Carpenter. Emily is a longtime team member and super talented artist and author.

In her own words:

Recorder of life. ♡Hiphop♡ Polymath. Artist.  crew member. Adventuring around the world & writing about it; be about it.

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MCA DAY NYC 2016 Artist Kevin Bednarz

Kevin Bednarz is another veteran MCA DAY artist, and his work will be largely seen LIVE today at the event. Keep an eye on the MCA DAY Facebook page for Kevin’s work in progress.

In his own words:

Born & raised in NY, now in Northern Virginia… multi media artist influenced heavily by hip hop, comic book and urban culture. With artwork ranging from fine art to full scale graffiti murals, Kevin creates a bold, unique style that is all his own.

Beastie Boy fan. But you knew that.

MCA & The Beastie Boys are simply- the soundtrack to my life.

Check out more of Kevin’s work at


MCA DAY NYC 2016 Artist Michelle Lawlor

Up next we have another veteran artist, Michelle Lawlor. Michelle is a photographer from Trenton, NJ.

In her own words:

The Beastie Boys built the soundtrack to my youth. I always had it in for MCA. He was my guy. The cool demeanor, the raspy voice, the insane bass playing skills… and when he’d play an upright… forget it. Swoonsville.

Regrettably, I never met Adam Yauch in person, but through their music, I considered MCA and all of the Beasties my friends. In reality, they were just voices coming through speakers, but they told me the truth. They were mesmerizing, tantalizing, captivating, devastating… and even when they had a pretty serious message to convey, they did it with humor. Through the Beasties’ music, I learned about art, music, current events, and how noooooooo-body can do it like Mix Master can. I often wondered about what they were actually up to when they’d disappear for long periods and then would just show up and drop this amazing new stuff in our lap and remind us all over again of how amazing they are. Just in case we forgot.

They always came with a positive message and through their lyrics, were clearly encouraging their listeners to pay attention to what was going on in the world around them.

Together we grew up and learned from the mistakes we made or tried to see more of the big picture of life. I don’t have any siblings and was kind of a buck-toothed introverted kid, so I spent a lot of time in headphones. Ad-Rock, Mike D. and MCA were kind of like my cooler, streetwise older brothers. Strapping on my ear goggles and hearing their incredible blend of punk and funk and hip hop and jazz and everything else taught me lessons I’d never have learned without these boys.

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MCA DAY 2016 Artist Andy Katz

This next artist is very near and dear to the hearts of all of us working to plan MCA Day. Over the years Andy has helped manage so much for the event. He consistently creates amazing portraiture and is always ready to lend a helping hand for MCA DAY. We’re excited to share a cross-section of his work over the years.

In his own words:

I’m Andy Katz.  I’ve been a Beastie Boys fan since 1987, and I continue to support their music, and the hip-hop genre.  As the boys grew and were more thoughtful about their place in the circle, their appeal and my connection to them, strengthened. I needed to share the feelings,the music, and the art with everyone.  That’s why I’m here.

The Beastie Boys are my alter ego. I’m a pretty reserved person.  I’m responsible, serious, and I let others move to the front. It was always amazing to live vicariously through the Boys. It was like they were giving us all permission to live silly, have fun, and express our most unique ideas. Watching them and listening to them has always been very empowering and liberating. They make me feel.

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MCA DAY 2016 Artist Jayson Atienza

Up next we have painter Jayson Atienza of Amherst, OH.

In his own words:

Jayson Atienza was born in Batangas City, Philippines and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts, majoring in Graphic Design and Advertising, and established himself as an award winning creative director/art director in New York City over the course of two decades before relocating to Shanghai.

Jayson’s passion is painting, and he has applied his signature painting style to an array of traditional and non-traditional canvases, alike. He has worked in collaboration with brands including the GAP, Heineken, Red Bull, Adidas, Ace Hotel, Duxiana, Givenchy, Havaianas, Glamour Magazine, Macy’s, and Bloomingdales among others. Jayson designed two customized sneakers through Bucketfeet that are sold worldwide, and was also featured alongside John Legend, painting a commissioned mural in the Chevy Impala “Made To Love” commercial.

Most recently, Jayson collaborated with The DOT and launched his leather bag line at their flagship store in Hong Kong. He was also commissioned to create a mural to immortalize advertising legend David Ogilvy at the new Ogilvy Shanghai offices, and his art continues to expand throughout Asia.

The Beastie Boys have never been afraid of being themselves, and taught me what it means to be true to my craft as an artist. They have always pushed their own genre of music into new territory, kept it fresh, and most importantly, had fun doing it. The Beastie Boys are legendary, and have played an instrumental part in my life, both as a young man growing up, and as an artist. I will always be inspired by their contribution to culture, music, and my life.

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MCA DAY 2016 Artist Josh Frankenfield

Next we have another veteran MCA DAY contributor, Josh Frankenfield, from Bethlehem PA.

In his own words:

I’m a classically trained artist with paintings in five different countries. I had a painting in last year’s art show for MCA Day and was so happy to be a part of the celebration.

MCA to me is a perfect example of someone giving back to people the community locally and globally.

Check out Josh’s work below! Thanks Josh!


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Thomas Jacobs

Up next we have Thomas Jacobs, another veteran MCA DAY artist, from Yaphank NY.

In his own words:


Married father of 2.  40 years young.  Self taught / amatuer graphic designer.

I’ve seen the Beastie Boys 6 times.  I met Mike D on one of the toughest days of my life.  I snuck into my high school yearbook under the name Adam Yauch.  Basically the Beastie Boys have been with me for more than I can remember…

Check out his work below. Thanks Thomas!


MCA DAY 2016 Artist Argo

Up next we have the artist Argo from Philadelphia, PA, who has been throwing Beastie-related parties for 20+ years. His artwork is a sampling of some of the amazing posters they’ve had over the years.

In his own words:

South Philly based graphic designer, dj, vinyl collector, Beastie fan. I’ve been throwing parties here in Philly for 20+ years. Back in 2011 we started a Beastie party based around music they sampled… that’s what these posters are about.

The Beasties pretty much set the standard of what is “cool” for my generation. They had an ability to reinvent themselves, always doing something fresh, and creating their own unique lane that no one could step foot in. Growing up near NYC, my story runs parallel to theirs… skateboarding, going to hardcore shows at CB’s and listening to hiphop. Never had any personal connection with Mr. Yauch, but like a lot of people, was deeply saddened by his passing since his voice was a constant soundtrack during my formative years…

Check out the posters below! Thanks Argo! You can keep up with him at


MCA DAY 2016 Artists Gregory Siff and Sebastian Piras

Up next we have artist Gregory Siff collaborating with Sebatian Piras, submitting together from West Hollywood, CA.

About the artists, in their own words:

I am painter that was born in Brooklyn and lives and works in Los Angeles. I love what I do and do it every day!  Here are some of my highlights…

Artist Gregory Siff was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1977. He lives and works in Los Angeles. His artworks are included in Swizz Beatz’s The Dean Collection, Deitch Projects, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Siren Studios and in the Google HQ Collection to name a few. Siff’s recent exhibitions include “Portrait of an American Ice Cream Man,” 4AM Gallery (2016), “Walls,” Pacific Design Center (2015); Scope: Miami (2012); “Matter of Time,” Gallery Brown (2012), “There & Back,” Siren Studios x The Art Reserve (2012). His work was included in the Museum of Modern Art MoMA PS1 in Klaus Biesenbach’s “Rockaway!” as well as a mural in the ACE Museum for non-profit The Art of Elysium with Christie’s Auction House. He was selected by Vans Custom Culture to be one of their “Art Ambassadors” inspiring students across the United States to embrace their creativity. His hand painted custom Vans were on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has done commissions and installations for Mercedes Benz, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs, The Standard, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, Warner Bros. Records and Pyer Moss.

I grew up with my best friend Andrew listening to the BBoys in high-school feeling so cool. Their music gave us a walk that nothing could stop. I knew that all the beautiful girls loved the way they rocked. I knew they dressed in a step all their own and I was taken by the presence of three best friends giving their all.  We saw them rock Nassau Coliseum in the round, in all their chaos at Lollapalooza and tried to make videocassette movies as great as their hilarious Sabotage steez ways, They represent my best friend, and a life that is happy in music and art.  MCA, the sage, the wizard, the man behind the scenes and in front at the same time. I just painted a mural for Stephan Berghoff, who has photos with MCA in Vietnam in the tribute this year. Photographer Sebastian Piras shared the photos he took of the Beasties and MCA with me and I painted my style on it. I hope to share them and his memory with everyone.

Keep up with Gregory Siff at and check out their awesome collaborations below!



MCA DAY 2016 Artist Courtney Southern

Up next we have Courtney Southern, who sends her art in from Walkerstown, NC.

In her own words:

I’m a 43 year old punk rock Bgirl trying to find some peace and calm in this crazy world.

The Beastie Boys have been my favorite group of guys since I was in middle school. They have been a constant source of inspiration, peace and reminder to be the best you can be! The soundtrack to my life in good times and bad! MCA’s lyrics help to remind me to stay in my groove when life is getting hectic.

Check out her rad handmade art below! Thanks Courtney!