That’s right – we’re back at it again! Calling all artists, painters, sketchers, photographers… seeking art contributions to be displayed at MCA DAY 2014!

I am proud to announce that we will be hosting a new art show at the Littlefield Art and Performance Space in Brooklyn, NY during the MCA Day 2014 event on May 3, 2014.

View our submission guidelines to see how your work will be featured in our project and possibly displayed at Littlefield on May 3rd and SUBMIT YOUR WORK!


 (Michelle Lawlor/Lucky 17 Photography)

A Sample of 2013′s Gallery – Imagine seeing YOUR work up there THIS year!


MCA DAY 2013 Comes to a Close

Friends… what an epic day today has been. We are still taking in all of the raw emotion and beauty that we witnessed here in Brooklyn.

At this time the art show and MCA Day NYC has come to a close, but this legacy is far from over. Many other MCA-related events across the US and GLOBE have yet to begin today, so please keep on shining that light for Adam today and every day. Honor his memory by being a leader, a friend, or an inspiration. There are so many ways to make the world around us better, just pick one and get to task with that trademark Yauch ferocity.

We will have more event images to post as well as the completed art show PDFs shortly, so stay tuned for those updates in the coming days.

Let me close by saying it’s been a true honor to get to know so many incredibly fun and creative people, and a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Mike Kearney and the entire MCA Day 2013 planning crew. I love all of you so much and my heart is so full!

Adam’s work here is not yet complete, because his music and message continues to inspire and bring people together, and quite frankly, that’s an incredibly admirable legacy that will stand for generations. I hope that he can feel all the love being sent his way today.

Yours in Gratitude,

Michelle “Shutterbugs” Lawlor
Curator/Organizer/MCA Day Co-conspirator and Bass Lovin’ B Girl


MCA Day 2013 Artist: Fiorella Tosca

Next up we have digital submissions from artist Fiorella Tosca, all the way from Italy. It’s pretty amazing how far and wide this band has traveled and truly connected with fans from all over the globe. Fiorella’s pieces are inspired by the Beasties and it’s interesting to see her interpretations of the boys.

About Fiorella:
I’m from Rome, Italy. I studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts here but at the moment working as a bartender.

I love music, and I always used for my works of art: pink floyd, pearl jam, u2… also beastie boys were in my projects, but it wasn’t the right moment!

Until now!

The Beasties gave me joy, humor, irony, and now a new awareness of myself and others.
Wisdom and love in sound sync!

The meaning behind the colors in “My BBoys!”

I imagined a color and an element of nature, for each of the Beastie Boys.

Adam “MCA” Yauch – Purple as the imagination. Air: an element of freedom and awareness.

Adam “Adrock” Horovitz – Red for the movement. Fire element of vitality and creativity.

Michael “Mike-D” Diamond – Green is the freshness of nature. The earth, stable and patient.

Indissoluble, the elements can not exist without each other. Made with all my love!

Dedicated to Adam “MCA” Yauch



MCA Day 2013 Artist: Jen Weber

Next up we have a piece submitted by Virginia artist Jen Weber. Jen was with us on the Beastie Fan Celebration/Walk back in August, 2012. Her piece is a unique take on the call for submissions because she blended her love for the Boys with her love for the community of fans that she calls friends. Check this piece out on the walls today at Littlefield.

About Jen:
In a nutshell: Over 40. Hip hop dancer. Former English major. Vegetarian. Struggling Buddhist.

Lover of the arts, animals, books, sharp wit, compassion, empathy, and correct punctuation.

I am deeply moved when I experience music, words, beauty and the interconnectedness that we humans feel when bound together by creativity. My passsion, not my profession, defines me.

The Beastie Boys are a constant reminder for me to express gratitude, be kind, be silly, not care what people think, and to not let material items or status affect my true nature and self-worth. A Beastie fan since 1987, I only had one friend who shared my love. Now I have an entire Beastie Family. Since MCA’s passing, I’m amazed at the way these incredible people support each other and exude positivity. Adam Yauch is the glue that binds our ever-growing family together. He knew we were all connected, even though most of us haven’t even met yet.

Connect with Jen online at her website: www.bittenbybuddha.blogspot.com


MCA Day 2013 Artist: Jay Shells

Next up we have artist Jay Shells, who has created some custom signage for our event as part of his Rap Quotes project.

We are so excited to be able to feature his work, and you’re going to flip when you see the signs he’s created.

Learn more about Jay and his project here: http://www.jayshells.com/


MCA Day 2013 Artist: Glen Sern

Next we’ll be featuring Brooklyn photographer Glen Sern. It’s nice to add some local flavor into the mix! Learn more about Glen below.

About Glen:
Glen Sern is a photographer originally from Brooklyn who still resides in the New York City area. Sern is an alumnus of The School of Visual Arts in NYC. His work has been exhibited internationally, locally, and published by Powerhouse Books.

Glen photographs his subjects in their natural and familiar settings. His attention to detail, texture, landscape, and spur of the moment decision making create a well composed informative narrative.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY during the 80′s and 90′s was an amazing experience. When people say you had to be there this is one of those moments. The streets, the music, the art; it was a movement that surpassed boundaries which continue to progress today. In my opinion the Beastie Boys were an integral part in this reformation.

The first vinyl I purchased was “License to Ill.” It changed my life. The sound, the fashion, the artwork, it blew me away. There wasn’t a kid on the block that didn’t know the lyrics to “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”. The fashion, put it this way, either you owned a three finger ring or you wished you owned a three finger ring!

BK natives always felt some connection with the Beasties especially due to their homage to Brooklyn, and knowing MCA was from the borough was just the icing on the cake.

See more of Glen’s work online at http://www.NYCSERN.com


MCA Day 2013 Artist: Gregory Schultz

Next up we have the artwork of industrial designer Gregory Schultz, all the way from Salt Lake City. One of his pieces is a collaborative effort with artist Dudley Bryan Jr, and you can find out more about both Gregory and Dudley below.

About Gregory:
Gregory Schultz graduated from the University of Vermont with a bachelor’s in studio art and a minor in community development and applied economics. While working as an interaction designer for The Pacific Coast Stock Exchange (PCX) in San Francisco, he completed graphic design coursework at the Academy of Art University. Working with cutting-edge technology at the PCX to create a dynamic trading platform, motivated him to pursue an industrial design degree at the California College of the Arts (CCA) under Yves Béhar, IDSA.

Schultz currently works with Ogio International. Before joining Ogio Schultz worked in Salt Lake City as an industrial designer for Multifacetid Design, a product design consulting firm focusing on outdoor and action sports products.

About Dudley Bryan Jr.:
A life-long learner with a focus on fresh challenging projects and creative self-expression, Dudley has been a contributing author, technical director, and core team member for numerous clients/employers for whom it was his pleasure to work with.

When not developing websites for clients, he is in his “lab” devising creations that utilize emerging and compelling technologies and services in various ways.

Gregory on what the Beasties mean to him:
Celebrating the life of Adam Yauch for almost a year now, but realizing it’s a lifetime now – in unison, realizing that celebrating the life of a true hero will always be worth my time.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” (BUDDHA).

MCA is the single candle and has done this for me, for us all. He is our candle that has created this contagious and infectious happiness. When it boils down to it, it is all about happiness and sharing that happiness as MCA has done with us all. This vibe passes through our bodies, minds, and souls through the music that he has created, the presence he has blessed us with, and the leadership he has so selflessly bestowed upon us.

Adam, you have shown me the way.
I honour you.
I honour the place in you that is the same in me.
I honour in you where the whole universe resides.
I honour the place in you of love, of light, of peace and of truth.
I honour the place in you that is the same in me.
There is but one MCA//Adam Yauch. Gone but lives on through our continued thoughts and prayers and NEVER forgotten.
Thank you Adam.
Love Gregory Schultz::2012 III-B3 4 life

Learn more about Greg at: http://www.idsa.org/gregory-schultz


MCA Day 2013 Artist: Juliana Press

Next up we have the work of Boston artist Juliana Press. Juliana has been a close friend of the team and attended the original MCA Day in 2012.

About Juliana:
I’m a graphic designer and photographer from Boston. When I’m not at work designing websites, logos and apps, I’m out shooting, enjoying the great city of Boston or coming down to hang out in NYC. I like art and design, music, sports, sandwiches and cake.

The Beastie Boys and MCA have played a huge role in my life since Check Your Head. As a kid
in junior high and high school they reminded me to not care about what others thought of me and brought my attention to the struggle of Tibet. They taught me as an adult to be kind, to think before I react and how to always have fun and a sense of humor no matter what I’m doing or how hard I’m working. Adam Yauch’s drive and determination is with me always.

See more of Juliana’s work at www.julianapress.com


MCA Day 2013 Artist: Giancarlo Minervino

The next artist is Giancarlo Minervino, the son of co-organizer Mah Dukes, and he’s such an awesome little dude. He was present at the first MCA Day and he will be making a repeat appearance this year.

About Giancarlo:
The Beastie Boys make me feel like dancing. The music inspires my heart and makes me want to listen all day. It’s just great! So, I would like to thank the Beastie Boys for all of their hard work and all of what they’ve done to inspire people with their music.

MCA’s music also inspired my heart because he was a great emcee. I also love that he would help people and tell his friends that you don’t have to be famous to make a difference.


MCA Day 2013 Artist: Melissa Mims

Next up is the work of Houston artist Melissa Mims, who submitted her art to our show digitally.

About Melissa:

ma/partner/art girl/music is my life/texas

This is the best thing that ever happened. I was a teen mom working in a small, east Texas
funeral home in 1993 answering phones and I got a really bad call. I wasn’t handling it well and one of the guys from the back came up front and started singing Lime in the Coconut and danced with me.

These creatures are everywhere. Seek them out.

Beasties mean recording Fight for Your Right at a theme park studio at 11; challenging mullet boys one and two that there’s more in common with us than they think at 13; sharing Hello Nasty (always the first) with my kids along with Goodnight Moon and generally getting my Root Down most of the time.

MCA lives on for everyone and I would hope that on this day, every year, we can all take time to get quiet to figure out how to use our life more and then bring the noise.

See more of Melissa’s work at http://www.mimzr.com