2016 Call for Art!

What’s up my people? It’s that time of year again – time to roll up yer sleeves and GET CRAFTY!

The 2016 Call for Art is now LIVE. Submit your finest Beastie-inspired art to be featured on the gallery walls at MCA DAY NYC on August 20, 2016.

All artwork should be registered online BY AUGUST 12, 2016, so you better hop to it!


and then…



MCA Day 2015 Artist Alannah Kearney

kearney_allannah_intergallacticNext up we have the work of Alannah Kearney, little sister of MCA Day founder Mike Kearney.

Being the little sis of a big fan like Mike, it seems only natural that Alannah loves the Beastie Boys as much as her big brother does. She’s only eight years old and already showing major artistic talent. Intergalactic is absolutely her favorite song and that was the motivation behind her creating this piece. She showed this piece in last year’s show and it has inspired many more works by kiddos and we love that. Great work Allanah!


MCA Day 2015 Artist Rene Kreutzer

kreutzer_rene_mcadayNext up we have the art of Rene Kreutzer.

About Rene:

René from Germany. 37. From Brandenburg/ Berlin, today living in Dresden. Wife and two kids aged 6 and 3.

Saw the Beasties live 1999 Berlin.

What the Beasties mean to him:

No Beasties in my childhood in East Germany. In the early 90ies a lot of basketball, hip hop and hardrock/ alternative music in my life. 1994 SABOTAGE hit me extremely. Quickly bought all of their music which was like – that´s it. For me this became the music of all music. With the lyrics you get involved in their world – deeper and deeper. So much interesting stuff – not to describe. An own universe. Hard to explain in 100 words. Only other beastie crazy people can understand that. Also I was always proud of my favourite band, because of the Free Tibet movement, women rights… They have always inspired me and they still do. Adam´s death hit me almost the same like my father´s death in 2002. That´s crazy. I didn´t know Adam in person. Adam Yauch Park and MCA DAY 2013 was bittersweet but also great. To meet all of you, to get friends with you, to celebrate Adam and our Beastie Boys! That was dope!


MCA Day 2015 Artist Andy Katz

katz_andrew_tributedeck katz_andrew_mrchuckd katz_andrew_miked katz_andrew_mcaskateboard katz_andrew_gotmadhits katz_andrew_cucumber katz_andrew_cherrypieThis next artist is also very near and dear to the hearts of all of us working to plan MCA Day. We couldn’t be more indebted to him for all the wonderful art he’s created and helped manage for the event. His creativity and endless enthusiasm is contagious and his portraits are off the chain!

About Andy:

I’m Andy Katz.  I’ve been a Beasite Boys fan since 1987, and I continue to support their music, and the hip-hop genre.  As the Boys grew, and were more thoughtful about their place in the circle, their appeal and my connection to them, strengthened. I needed to share the feelings,the music, and the art with everyone.  That’s why I’m here.

The Beastie Boys are my alter ego. I’m a pretty reserved person.  I’m responsible, serious, and I let others move to the front. It was always amazing to live vicariously through the Boys. It was like they were giving us all permission to live silly, have fun, and express our most unique ideas. Watching them and listening to them has always been very empowering and liberating. They make me feel.

Check out more of Andy’s awesome work at http://www.katzart.com


MCA Day 2015 Artist Thomas Jacobs

jacobs_thomas_lyricalcontentThomas Jacobs’ submission is a really creative, unique piece. He created sports cards for athletes mentioned in Beastie songs.

About Thomas:

I’m a proud father of 2.  A huge Beastie Boys and sports fan.  Amateur graphic designer. I refuse to grow up.

What the Beasties Mean to Him:

I’ve seen them 6 times.  I met Mike D on one of the toughest days of my life.  I snuck into my high school yearbook under the name Adam Yauch.  Basically the Beastie Boys have been with me for more than I can remember…


MCA Day 2015 Artist HOJO

hojo_mcasubwaymapsHOJO submitted this incredible subway map piece that will be hanging on display at the gallery in Littlefield today.


MCA Day 2015 Artist Josh Frankenfield

frankenfield_josh_therapophileNext up we have MCA Day 2015 Artist Josh Frankenfield

About Josh:

After studying painting from a very young age, I continued with Fine Arts Painting studies at a few universities and finishing at Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia. Throughout the years, I’ve exhibited in group, two man and one man shows at various galleries. I lived abroad in Bordeaux, France for ten years, where I continued to exhibit at galleries, restaurants and cafes. The last major exhibition that I was a part of was the 2014 San Diego Comic-con Art Show.

What the Beastie Boys mean to him:

The Beastie Boys provide me with a sense of nostalgia, that transcends through the years, up until today. They are a symbol of growing and evolving, while keeping an open mind and reaching outward, but always staying true to yourself.


MCA Day 2015 Artist Haero

haero_gratitudeNext up we have MCA Day 2015 Artist Haero.

About Haero:

Creative and decorated #peacekeeper #exploring the #palebluedot, #artist, #science nut that loves to #travel and #report from the #secretbase in the #Alps.

What the Beastie Boys mean to him:

The Beastie Boys are my favorite band.

I started listening to their music in 1987.

My first impact was diluted by my lack of english proficiency and the Italian media somewhat blurred portrait of them. But as soon as I mastered the language, it has been delight after delight, discovery after discovery.

I had been planning to paint a tribute wall for them ever since the mid 90s.

I’ve seen them perform as many times as I could, around Europe, their entire discography sits in my portable devices since it could first fit.

In may 2012 I was hoping for the announcement of their imminent tour, following a recovery of MCA, but the RnR HoF induction without him and the sad news of his untimely death, shocked me, literally.

It felt like I had suddenly aged, I was a 40 years old for real, it felt like when, as a kid, I first discovered that time flown onward and nothing is forever.

For a “fan” of the Beastie Boys, it’s like losing a cousin, a brother.

Adrock, Mike D and especially MCA influenced me profoundly in many fields: skateboarding, snowboarding, movie making, hip hop, philosophy, music, crossover, open mindedness, pacifism…

The “never selling out to advertisers” ethics and the irony and mocking that spared no interviewer.

I miss MCA a lot.

The Beasties are my Beatles.

I will miss the Beasties.

But I, and you all, have their solid and immortal legacy.

Thank you Mike, thank you Adam, good journey to Yauch, a bright star made of star stuff that went intergalactic into another dimension.

Find out more about Haero at haero.com/blog


MCA Day 2015 Artist John Dyer

dyer_john_powNext up we have MCA Day 2015 Artist John Dyer.

About John:

I am an established UK commercial artist with 25 years experience in illustration for many national & international companies, including the Walt Disney company, Virgin Atlantic, Lego and Warner Bros. to name but a few.

My background in graffiti and a love for hip hop have inspired my recent  illustration work focused on the hip hop scene.

What the Beastie Boys mean to him:

I’ve grown up with the Beastie Boys. Right from the late 80s when I was exposed to hip hop, the Beasties were a keystone in my musical journey.

I’ve fallen in and out of love with hip hop at various stages, but never tired of the Beastie Boys sound. I still feel connected to them, and have always felt a real natural loyalty to them as their music was/is in a category of their own. A far superior hip hop. Raw! Old skool. Real. Fun. Clever. (3 mc’s and one DJ).

I’ve never felt a deep sadness for a star I’ve never met’s passing ’til the day I heard the news of MCA.

Find out more about John at johndyerprints.tictail.com


MCA Day 2015 Artist Kevin Carmody

carmody_kevin_ayauch carmody_kevin_worldwarsUp next we have the art of Kevin Carmody.

About Kevin:

I am an artist from the Washington Metropolitan area who has been involved with fine art since the age of seven (i.e. I reference this age because this is as far back as I can remember drawing a pic of Roger Rabbit). Other than that I mostly do mixed medium work and design skateboards too.

What the Beastie Boys mean to him:

MCA and the Beastie Boys mean thorough NYC hip hop to the core.  From their boom bap beats to their musical instrumentals, they always just seemed to fit for me.  However, it was not just their sound.  That was only a portion of the influence they had.  It was attitude, style, and staying true to yourself.  Hence, I have never tried to be anything else other than Kevin Carmody.  Similarly, I don’t believe they ever tried to be anything else other than the Beasties and it worked.

Find out more about Kevin at www.lumberjacksandwiches.com